Sue London was introduced to communicate a belief that design and style are not about a jaunt
through oscillating trends or wavering fashions, but rather a genuinely sophisticated experience
stemming from a true commitment to comfort, effective design and personal pleasure.

Transcending demographics, time and the limited life-spans of cultural trends, since 2001,
Sue London continues to structure and deliver thoughtful elegance to clientele worldwide.

Incorporated into each Sue London product, from concept to creation, is a loyalty to skilled expression.
That expression reveals self-evident through the use of any Sue London product. Trusted to deliver
what our clients have called the most comfortable, beautifully fitting shoes, Sue London products
exemplify a luxurious synthesis of creative development.

An exceptionally well-crafted product which holds true a commitment to quality as well as
geometry. It’s no wonder that Elle (FR) has called our London Slipper, “Chaussures d’amour”
and the Financial Times (UK) “the Holy Grail of Ballet Flats.”

Holt Renfrew, Barney’s, Lodenfry, Quartier 206, Satine, American Rag, Ikram, Antonia,
Mitsukoshi are a few of the numerous and varied retailers worldwide which Sue London
has had the pleasure of working with in its fourteen year history. Over the years,
Sue London has co-branded with exquisite brands such as Marie Chantal and The Four Seasons.

Featured in Vanity Fair (Italy); Vogue (India); Air France Madame (France); Financial Times (UK);
Elle (France); Travel & Leisure (USA); (USA); Oprah Winfrey with Cindy Crawford (USA);

Sue London does not advertise. Our marketing strategy has remained for the most part,
not to have one. Sue London respects a non-intrusive effort to advise our clients privately
on exclusive promotions or new collections. Never going through the conventional channels
of public relations or advertising, Sue London’s growth has solely been from word-of-mouth
and unsolicited press. An intimate brand of quiet luxury and elegance.

This luxury is exemplified in the form of our slipper, which fits and feels, as though it were
painted on. It eases the way for one to glide elegantly and effortlessly throughout the world,
walking as naturally and freely as one would barefoot. Its intimacy is sensed through the
tactile connection one feels with the earth; a feeling of light, buoyant cushioning with each
step taken.